Two-day thematic practical seminar on “Successful marketing”


In the period of August 20-21, 2021 in the town of Pomorie, within Activity 4 “Administrative and legal advice on promoting entrepreneurship, incl. women's entrepreneurship among newly arrived third-country nationals“, sub-activity 4.2. “Providing group practical consultations in the form of thematic practical seminars” from the project “Fighting together against prejudices and stereotypes – TCN’s employment and entrepreneurship“, а seminar on “Successful marketing” was held.

The event was attended by 12 (twelve) representatives of the target group of the project – third country nationals (TCN’s), as the aim of the seminar is to create and/or develop in the newly arrived TCN’s knowledge and skills for self-employment on the labour market and specifically, with an emphasis on promoting women's entrepreneurship.

During the event to the participants were presented:

  • The goals and activities of the project “Fighting together against prejudices and stereotypes – TCN’s employment and entrepreneurship”.
  • What is marketing - definitions, basic elements, meaning and significance of marketing.
  • The fundamental principles in the world of marketing and the components of the marketing mix.
  • The Product/Service life cycle - from the idea to the sale.
  • The market and the consumer behaviour - market positioning, value and uniqueness; target markets and segmentation; free market niches in conditions of abundance.
  • The philosophy and patterns of the consumer behaviour - purchase ideology and purchase decision making; buyer's pyramid; tactics and mechanisms aimed at consumer behaviour (how to sell successfully).
  • The modern marketing - digital sales, websites and design.
  • Effective writing of landing page text - the impact on target groups; attracting and retaining an online user on content.
  • The types of activities of online shoppers - Google Search, Facebook, Google Ads, Email Marketing.
  • The successful marketing strategy in conditions of uncertainty and dynamic change.
  • Defining a vision and setting goals.
  • The program for realization of the marketing strategy - marketing channels, information from the external environment and good practices.

The overall assessment for the two-day thematic practical seminar, given by the participants in it, is “excellent”. The indicated rating is a result of the processed Questionnaires for evaluation of the event, filled in by the participants.

The event ended with the distribution of Certificates to the participants, for successfully completed training in a thematic practical seminar on “Successful marketing“.

Presentation Seminar Successful marketing Day 1

Presentation Seminar Successful marketing Day 2





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